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Reefing Life :: Lighting Equipment :: LED Lighting :: GHL Mitras LED :: GHL Mitras LX 6100 LED with Hyper-Violet LED

GHL Mitras LX 6100 LED with Hyper-Violet LED
GHL Mitras LX 6100 LED with Hyper-Violet LED 

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LED pendant lamp Mitras LX 6100

The new LED-lamp from GHL:
Light performance, energy efficiency and features are setting benchmarks

You are looking for a really bright pendant?

Then your choice is made - Mitras!

Modern technology gives you options you never saw before:

  • Light spectrum can be adjusted in a wide range
  • Very fine dimming steps through True Dimming Technology (TM by Linear Technology)
  • 2,4 GHz radio module integrated

We were able to even outperform the previously published preliminary performance data!


  • With 66 or 72 High-Power-LEDs in 8 respectively 9 colors You can adjust the light spectrum  (range approx. 380 nm - 700 nm) and the light power exactly according to your wishes. Give your plants, fishes or corals the light they need!
  • The settings can be changed with a PC or over the built-in control unit.
  • You can operate the lamps as independent devices or controlled by other GHL lamps or by the aquarium controller ProfiLux.
  • With the integrated 2.4 GHz radio unit lamps, ProfiLux and PC can communicate. This enables the lamps to synchronize during special effects (like thunderstorms or clouds).
  • 4 quiet fans and an innovative heatsink design ensure a safe operation and a maximum luminous output at a high energy efficiency.
  • Save about 50% energy costs compared to conventional illumination technology.

There are 3 colour variants available:

  • Silver metallic
  • Black
  • Front white, body Silver metallic

Mitras LX 6100 range of use

Mitras LX 6100 has been designed as a pendant lamp for open aquariums.
It must not be used in enclosed aquariums below the canopy.

For enclosed aquariums we recommend our light bars for fluorescents or our new LED light bars (available in Autumn 2012).

Adjust with 8 channels the light spectrum just as you like

following example charts are showing the relative spectral radiation power



Hyper violet, royal blue and blue at 30%, other LEDs 100%.



All LEDs at 100%.

No UV_400x101

Without Hyperviolett

All LEDs except Hyper violet at 100%.


HV + blue + cool white

Hyper violet, royal blue , blue and cool white at 100%, other LEDs off.



Royal blue and blue at 100%, other LEDs off.


  • The graphical display gives you an overview about the actual operating conditions. With the background illuminated capacitive keypad You can easily change settings or start special effects, like thunderstorms.
  • Mitras can be connected via USB or 2.4 GHz-radio with a PC.
  • The PC-software for operating the lamp is available free of charge.


All 9 LED-channels are separately dimmable in approx. 3000 steps each. Besides the variable light spectrum many other functions are possible:

  • sun rise and sun set (“East to West” simulation over several lamps possible)
  • cloud simulation (also “gliding” over several lamps)
  • thunderstorm simulation
  • moon phases
  • rainy days

High Power LED

  • 66 (72 with HV-option) high power LEDs generate an excellent light performance.
  • We use selected LEDs from Cree and Osram of the newest generation:
    12 x Cree XP-E blue, 12 x Cree XT-E cool white, 12 x Cree XT-E royal blue, 6 x Cree XT-E neutral white, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL true green, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL yellow, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL red, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL hyperred, 6 x hyper violet 425 nm (only with HV-Option)
  • The LEDs are intentionally not operated with the maximum possible current, because this reduces the LED-lifetime and energy efficiency significantly. It is far more efficient to use more LEDs at reduced power.
  • You can chose between 2 operation modes: High Output Mode and High Efficiency Mode.

More features

Other highlights of Mitras:

  • Active cooling with 4 quiet temperature controlled fans and passive cooling over a huge aluminum heatsink.
  • Increases the temperature although cooling is on maximum, possibly caused by a high ambient temperature, the brightness will be reduced slowly and continiously.
  • In that way the electronic circuits as well as the LEDs will always be operated under optimal conditions.
  • Complete pendant kit includes rope holders, height adjusters and steel ropes
  • Efficient power supply with universal AC input (90 V - 264 V), protection class IP 67, with all relevant approvals (e.g. CE, TÜV, UR)
  • 6 separately replaceable LED-clusters with optimized color mixing and uniform illumination
  • Optional 6 replaceable hyper violet (HV) - LEDs (425 nm)
  • Fast 32 Bit ARM-microcontroller with enough power reserve for future software extensions.
  • Special coated high-performance LED-reflectors with a reflection factor of 99 % carry the light also into the depth, no useless divergence losses of the light to the sides. Additionally the light is reflected slighty diffuse which produces a homogenous and natural light impression, this is very important when several LED colors are mixed.
  • For very deep aquariums are our narrow-beam reflectors for a later retrofit optionally available. It is possible to mix standard and narrow-beam reflectors.

Serveral usage options

Thanks to the integrated controller and wireless module every lamp can be used in different ways.

  • As standalone lamp
  • As master-lamp - controls one or more other Mitras-lamps
  • As slave-lamp - is controlled by a master (other Mitras or ProfiLux)
    To control Mitras through a ProfiLux controller the ProfiLux Wireless Interface is needed (is not included in shipment).

Technical data

Lamp operation mode

Max. power usage

Recommended for water volume

Illumination with standard reflector

Illumination with optional narrow-beam reflector

Light output comparable with

High Efficiency Mode at 100 %

120 W

max. 220 liter

Water depth max. 60 cm
Bottom area max. 75 cm x 50 cm

Water depth max. 75 cm
Bottom area max. 67 cm x 45 cm

MH 250 W

High Output Mode at 100 %

190 W

max. 300 liter

Water depth max. 70 cm
Bottom area max. 80 cm x 53 cm

Water depth max. 85 cm
Bottom area max. 72 cm x 48 cm

MH 340 W



Power supply

Dimensions (h x w x l)

40 mm x 180 mm x 340 mm

40 mm x 68 mm x 245 mm


2,4 kg

1.3 kg

Cable length

ca. 3 m to power supply

ca. 2 m to wall outlet

Environmental conditions during operation

max. 40 °C, max. rel. humidity 80 %, non condensing

max. 50 °C, max. rel. humidity 80 %, non condensing

Light distribution

A homogeneous illumination is as important as a high light performance. Our engineers determined the best possible arrangement of the LEDs and design of the reflectors through extensive computer simulations and practice tests. With the goal  to achieve an optimised illumination the LEDs have been arranged in 2 x 3 evenly spread clusters and all LEDs in one cluster are placed with a minimal clearance to each other. Additionally the clusters had been brought to the edge of the lamp as near as possible. The results are convincing:

  • Ideal mixing of the single LED-colours, the light in the aquarium has no disturbing colour spots
  • Uniform illumination over a wide area
  • Efficient heat dissipation over the heat sink

Mitras bottom view (from CAD)

SKU PL-0897
Quantity in stock 49 item(s) available
Weight 0.00 kg
Price: $1,650.00
including GST

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GHL Mitras LX 6100 LED

Yes, GHL will release their own LED pending lamp soon!

After more than 2 years of development we are proud to present a modern and innovative LED-lamp, which doesn't leave any wishes open in my opinion.
We didn't want to release just another LED-lamp with the usual features, we wanted to develop one of the best LED-lamps on the market!

- 8 light colors, all separately dimmable: ultra white, royal blue, blue, true green, yellow, red, hyperred and UV (420 nm)
- 62 LEDs per lamp
- 6 separately replacable LED-clusters on IMS boards
- PAR: I think more than you need!

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