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3 Tips To Get Cheap Laser Eye Surgery

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If you’re planning on getting laser eye surgery, then I congratulate you on taking that initial step. Many are too afraid about the consequences and as a result, they don’t get to reap the benefits that laser eye surgery can provide. Sure, there are risks, but that’s not to say that every surgery will be risk-free. With the right planning and judgment, it is possible to get high quality laser eye surgery with fantastic results for an excellent price. So, how do you go about snatching such as bargain? Looking for registered doctors, following all regulatory requirement and has cheapest scripts, visit now NHS Heroes online pharmacy from UK.

 Here are 3 tips on getting cheap laser eye surgery:

  1. Search Overseas: I’ve mentioned this previously but Asian countries, such as India, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand, offer laser eye surgery at a much lower prices than US, European and Australian clinics for virtually the same quality of eye care. Look out for the Joint Commission International accreditation, which means that these clinics have been approved to be performing at the  US standard of health care.
  2. Look For Discounts: These may be hard to find, but these do exist. Search Ebay in your area or Groupon to see if there are any LASIK discounts, vouchers or certificates that you can get hold of. I’ve seen a 6000 British Pound voucher for a Buy It Now cost of only 3600 pounds. Now, that’s a bargain! You can also find discounts from friends or family who may have already had laser eye surgery with a particular center. For instance, in the UK, Optimax gives away 400 British pound vouchers to their patients, so that they can get more referrals, and ultimately, more money.
  3. Haggle: If going overseas isn’t something that you’re interested in, then the best thing you can do is research the major LASIK centers then compare their prices. If 1 of them is offering, say a 30% discount off a $3,000 eye surgery, then you can go to the other one and ask if their willing to match or beat that price. Often times, they will try and beat their competitor, because after all, the laser eye surgery industry is a fairly competitive one!

These are some quick tips on getting your way to a cheap laser eye surgery. In the end, you’ve only got 2 eyes that cannot be replaced, so if you know for sure that a surgeon has a proven track record, and performs many surgeries and thus is very experienced, it is wiser to go for the slightly more expensive option. But if you’re strapped for cash, then by all means necessary, go get that deal!